Indická kuchyně dle Sofie Smith 2999 Kč

Indická kuchyně dle Sofie Smith  2999 Kč

Nemusíte umět hindsky popřát Dobrou chuť, abyste zvládli připravit výborné indické pokrmy. Jak správně a jednoduše připravit legendární pokrmy indické kuchyně Vás naučí šéfkuchařka pražského podniku Café Buddha Balbínova a odborník na pan-asijskou kuchyni Sofie Smith gastro odborník s dvacetiletou praxí.

Kulinářské menu se liší dle sezóny a vaříte 3-4 chodové menu, délka 3 hodiny

Stručný životopis

I was born in Befast, Northern Ireland but spent my childhood both in the UK and Malaysia. I went to university in the US. I am a self-thought chef with more than 20 years experience in the UK and Czech Republic. Currently, I am the head chef of Cafe Buddha Balbinova. In my spare time I also teach, specialising in pan-Asian cuisine.

  1. Jak jsem ke kuchařství přišel?

I started cooking from a very young age. I remember being about 5 or 6 years old and wanting to improve and „add my own twist“ to a packet of boring old instant noodles.  I  cooked for family and friends, and was always the de facto cook for dinner parties. I never really considered cooking professionally until I decided that I was tired of the corporate life behind the desk and cooking is the only thing I had a natural aptitude for. I gave myself 1 year to try it out – I knew I could cook but I didn’t know if I could do it professionally – and I have never looked back since. That was 22 years ago when I was 33 years old!

  1. Jak mě inspirují/inspirovaly světové kuchyně, a které to jsou?

When I first started cooking for a living I was doing more European and Mediterranean influenced cuisines. Light, fresh and well made food that people wanted to eat everyday. The last decade or so I have specialised in South and Southeast Asian food. I suppose the Asian half of my heritage has given me an advantage on this. I am mostly inspired by ordinary people and how eating and sharing bring people closer on so many levels. I am also inspired by nature and fresh ingredients – I still get very excited by a bunch of fresh herbs In a way, cooking for me is an expression of love for other people not just food. Perhaps it is a rather nurturing sensibilty. The chef I respect and get most inspiration from as a chef and a person in Czech Republic is Michal Goth. I admire his talent, passion, generosity and humility.

  1. Jak využívám techniky světových kuchyní ve své každodenní práci a kde to je?

The technique that I employ most in my current position at Cafe Buddha is the balancing of flavours. In Asian cuisine the harmony of flavours and textures  is crucial. Not many cooks are able to do this. For example, a rich dish needs to be balanced something fresh as in our slow-cooked beef with coconut milk and lemongrass is usually paired with a sharp and crunchy pickle and fresh herbs,

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